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Frances Ha (2012)

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Anonymous said: how did you get your green enchanted forest hair to stay a dark green color?

I lightened my hair slightly, since it’s naturally black to a light brown (like dark coffee brown)

Then I would add the enchanted forest dye in before I went to bed, and left it in overnight. Since it’s just a deep conditioner with dye you can leave it and it just makes your hair feel like heaven. I keep it wrapped in a plastic bag and leave a towel on my pillow.

Then I don’t use a lot of shampoo. Maybe every third shower so I can keep the color fresh.

And that’s about it! I re-dye(d) it about every three months.

dizabear said: Hey, both my mother and I have Hashimoto's. Both of us are on Liothyronine and it has helped tremendously. It hasn't fixed it completely but it makes life 90% more manageable. It took my mum a long time before they gave it to her but its worth the fight for it.

Right now I’m on 100mcg of synthroid daily which seems ok for me right now, I just keep noticing things like mood swings, and hair loss when my prescription needs to be raised. Is what your moms taking similar to synthroid? My thyroid has almost no function at all, and so I need the replacements dearly. My antibody count was at 10,000 without it. About a year later it’s at 2, Hah!


They become part of who you are or they destroy you.

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